There are 28 stickers per sheet.
Price:.00 elcama1245 - elca Good Gifts Piggy Bank Just 30 can provide a piglet to a family in need.
Price:.00 elcama1379 - O Citrus Tree (fruit tree) - Christmas card Let friends and river island discount code may 2017 loved ones know about elca Good Gifts that have been given in their honor.Price:.00, elcama1319 - Advent Tree Ornament Packs (Bee).Have you ever selected a gift for someone in need from a display in a store or shopping mall?There are 12 stickers per sheet.This eight-page brochure introduces elca World Hunger's Walk for Water, an initiative for the 2015 elca Youth Gathering.Price:.00 elcads1029 - elca Good Gifts Stickers Use these elca Good Gifts stickers to adorn cards and packages and let friends and loved ones know about the elca Good Gifts that have been given in their honor.The 24-page elca Good Gifts catalog offers many ways to honor friends and loved ones with gifts that will make a difference in the world.
The inside of the card includes a short paragraph of information about your gift and a blank panel for a personal note.
Note: Cards come in packages of 5 and include envelopes.
Price:.00, elcama1348 - elca Good Gifts Poster.The back of the ornament allows an individual or family to personalize their ornament with their name and year.Elca Resource Catalog 8765 W Higgins Rd Chicago, IL 60631 United States Ph: e-mail.There is a space at the bottom of the poster to fill in details about your fundraiser or information on where to find a catalog.Price:.00, elcama1377 - Tail it on the Mountain (Pig) - Christmas cards.Price:.00, elcama1371 - WH Advent Calendar 2018.Price:.00, elcama1320 - Advent Tree Ornament Packs (Pig).Price:.00, elcama1375 - Angels We Have Herd - Christmas cards.Have you ever selected a gift for someone in need from a Christmas tree in a store or shopping mall?Price:.00, elcama1318 - Advent Tree Ornament Packs (Goat).Please note: The boxes are available in packages.Price:.00, elcama1376 - Bee-ginning to look like Christmas (bees) - card.What a BIG difference a pig can make!

Decorate your congregation's Christmas tree with ornaments that represent your fundraising goal.