It depends on the concession but generally.
Harrods offers wizard of oz gift basket ideas a range of financial support through workshops and low-cost loans to help you keep control of your finances and save for a rainy day.
Concessions within the store mostly offer 10 - some won't give it at all, others give more.
One thing that helps to compensate for relatively lousy salaries are the discount cards sent out by retailers and designers around Christmas time.Daily Savings, to help your money go further, Harrods has unlocked a discount scheme featuring more than 6,500 leading discounts and offers at local and national retailers.45 if you can speak Swahili fluently.So we do get shampoos and make-up.".Debenhams: primrose 10 voucher code Staff get an average discount of 25 - senior execs get more.Harrods: It ranges from 10 to 30 - depends on the product group (TV audio on the lower level) and where you are in the pecking order.Probably because we seem to slag off loads of designers says Susannah.There's one group that don't simply enjoy a discount with one store - they are offered discounts almost everywhere.For example, senior managers at the upper end of the scale receive.
As the Christmas spending season moves into full swing, there are a large group of people who won't be paying the same prices as the rest.
Most brand your receive discount on, whether its 5, 10 or more!
Staff at M S are offered a flat-rate discount of 20 off all clothes and food.
For example, it is understood that staff at Gucci and Paul Smith enjoy discounts of 50 or more.
The longer you've been there the more you get.
More junior staff are offered between 10.
"But beauty companies don't ask for samples back.They are the small army of shop workers, often getting little more than the minimum wage but at least enjoying discounts when they go shopping themselves.When lucky Cat was let into a bag.The really big staff discounts are offered at the luxury end of the market, presumably indicating the scale of mark-up.You can also make savings on flights, hotels and holidays.Ranging from rewarding you for your milestone length of service to being the top sales employee, Harrods gives you a platform to drive and inspire you to achieve more within the business.And certain items, such as televisions and audio equipment are restricted to 10 discounts."At sample sales, you get great designer clothes at high street prices.Yet retail is also the largest employer of young people with 29, or more than 860,000, of the workforce falling into the 16-24 age bracket, says Peter McLaren-Kennedy from Skillsmart."I got a Chanel coat recently for 180 which is 1,000 in the shops.The retail industry employs 11 of the entire British working population, but more than half earn less than 6 a hour.But staff were reluctant to put a figure."If you've seen something lovely on the runway at a show and you have a good relationship with the designer or their publicity agent, you may get invited to view the collection just when the orders finish coming in from the retail buyers she says.