You can also select the main locations on the map that arent as popular.
These areas see fewer players, but still have guaranteed loot.
These are essential when it comes to surviving fights and trading blows with enemies.If you want to get off to the very best start in first spear military discount the game, our best places to land and how to land faster guides will help you out!If not, you'd better look into your options for retreating fast.Survive the chaos of Pleasant Park or Tilted Towers and your inventory will be positively sagging with loot, but it's very tricky to make it out unscathed as these are incredibly popular places for players to head to at the start.Winning a match of Fortnite: Battle Royale outright is no mean feat.Instead, start using the materials youve gathered to build a quick structure and use it as a springboard to cover the map.This control scheme allows you to build without having to take your finger off of other buttons, making it not only faster to do, but far safer.
Remember, the ones on the ground can't shoot you.
Build a sturdier long-term base with the other materials.
This doesnt necessarily mean you should abandon your fort and run around like a maniac - far from.
That's the difference between Fortnite: BR and other battle royale games - enemies can find ways to get to you no matter what.
It doesnt matter, just dip out of their vision and start thinking about moving in on their position.Whether you use that information to find a fight or take a flight, well, that's up to you.Having a structure already in place will give you options where there might be none - if youre caught running in open ground, for example.You can knock bases down in one hit.If your shots aren't showing blue and you still have some of your shield, you're winning.These structures may be one ramp or a mile-high fortress, but either way, you'll want to take note of where they are and how certain elements are positioned.Examples of these include the two towns northeast and north of Flush Factory, and the warehouses southeast of Tomato Town.But what the game doesn't tell you is that wood may often be your best form of cover.Be a flanker Again, this is much in the same vein as the point above but sometimes its worth circling around opponents to get the drop on them.This is especially useful if you want to get on top of a building but don't have (or want to use) materials to get up there.Survive the rush at the beginning, bag some kills in the mid-game and itll be time to face the final ten.

Thats sure to attract well-armed tourists.
If anything itll get them a little jittery, and more prone to making mistakes when confronted.