how to gift wrap a helmet

Or, make your own cloth tote bags out of red, white, and green material my hubby even sews drawstrings into his.
Mini lights with battery pack (optional).
If you havent done all your Christmas shopping yet, read What to Give Your Husband for Christmas 9 Creative Gift Tips.If you dont have a piece of cardboard large enough, you can portion out the shape and then tape the cardboard pieces together.Finally, add some foam stars to decorate.For a festive look, you can paint, colour, or paste natural decorations on the outside of the box.Take the plastic bag, tissue or foil and compress it into a ball to form a little turtle head, taping it to hold the shape.Hide the bike in a room, a garage, behind a bush in the yard, or even in a vehicle.
Silver Paint (Spray Paint or Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint).
What you need: your gift!
Scissors tape ribbon wrapping paper, you can use store-bought, or you can recycle or make your own.
Here's a quick Instructable on how to wrap your gift, be it a simple box or something a little more oddly-shaped.
Glue red feathers to the top of the plastic bottle cap.This party theme would not only be great for kids discount tickets to renaissance festival texas but also would make a fun adult theme party!Hard-candy style: Bring the sides of the wrapping paper up around your gift to make a long tube.Paint the helmet silver inside and out and leave to dry.This will fold the left right sides of the excess paper into triangles.Punch small holes in one side of the tree and insert the individual mini light bulbs through the holes so the lights show on the front and the cord remains hidden on the back.Here are several creative ways to wrap odd-shaped or awkward gifts such as bikes, scarves, coffee cups, travel mugs, money, socks, DVDs, and tickets.Creative cloth bags are great ways to wrap gifts of DVDs, coffee mugs, books, scarves, and mittens.Pop the balloon and gently remove from the helmet.Cut out the visor and stretch it out so it is still curved but less like a cup.Fold a cookbook into an apron.Here are a few creative ideas for gift wrapping awkward or odd gifts.Paint the visor silver and let dry.Be careful not to tear it, especially if your gift has sharp corners.

Several years ago, I wrote an article on eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts.
Lay the trekking poles parallel to each other on a large piece of cardboard and roughly sketch three triangles (small, medium and large) that will form the shape of a Christmas tree around the poles.
Turtle Helmet, materials: Bike or snow helmet (We used the.