ideas for christmas gifts under 10

Threadless has lots of funky designs and often has sales, taking their tees under.
Since it round the twist collector's gift set has suction cups, you can even attach victoria wine festival promo code it to your windshield to use your GPS!
You dont have to buy a frame you could string up your photos with wooden clothespins for a cheap, but romantic, option.But you can head to your local grocery store and stalk the candy aisle for lots of options under.Even if youre not crafty, you can find tons of great gifts on the cheap.Here are some options.These fingerless gloves are stylish and still let you use your touch screen.If you want to get really fancy, some single-origin, small-batch chocolate bars can cost up to 10 or even more but are well worth the price to the true chocolate snob on your list (hint, hint)!OK, it's slightly more than 10, but look how simultaneously nerdy it is!Edibles The way to a friends heart is through the stomach.This hanger displays and organizes scarves in your closet, so theyre easily accessible and wrinkle-free.
Lots of folks will be getting new tech over the holidays, so help keep their expensive new gadgets safe.
Handmade Soaps or Bath Bombs :.75-9 Receiving soap as a gift is far from insulting when the products look good enough to eat!
If youre shopping for 50 or more people, you could even check out listings for wedding favors and get a really nice gift quite cheaply (like 5 apiece).
Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl :.99 Nothing ruins your Raisin Bran like a slightly-too-long milk bath.
No more with this stretchy, silicone bookmark, which will point at the exact line where he leaves off.Bonsai Tree Seeds :.99 Who knew these were so cheap?These are beautiful and come in lots of different styles dot matrix, graph or lined paper.Some even transform once their contents warm up!We at Prezzybox have made sure we cater for everybody!A beautiful scented candle can brighten any space.Really (Really) Good Honey :.59 Once upon a time, I didnt even like honey.In most cases, the ingredients for a single jar shouldnt cost you more than a dollar, especially if youre planning on making quite a few and buy your sugar and flour in bulk.Fancy a gift which is a little more.Pioneered by a 20-year-old beekeeper in the Jacksonville, Florida, area (and sold in local coffee shops while I lived there this honey isnt just delicious: its supports a really cool, small business and a young entrepreneur.This collection was made with Yuengling beers, America's oldest brewery.The Penny Hoarder Promise: We provide accurate, reliable information.Credit Card Lightbulb :.99 Ever get home late at night and cant get your key in the door?Around the House, these great gifts will please everyone on your list not just the homebodies!

Novelty USB Flash Drive :.94 Everyone needs portable storage these days, and there are some really cute flash drives available.
Geekery and Other Useful Stuff From on-the-go light to blank pages to carry in your pocket, these gifts will make any geek on your list grin.