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So you definitely want to test it/purchase a mini that you can use over a period of time, and preferably in different weather to figure out what works best for you.Big pimpin' around the town you and.As others have mentioned, Still will not work with all body chemistries.The freesia and orange blossom are the mid-notes that stand out the most to me, with the amber, musk, and pepper being the most prominent in the lower notes.With her other fragrances like Blue Glow and Miami Glow, I typically feds sweep yonkers wear those only during the day and in warmer weather.I have dreams about the way we used to kiss.You never know what you have.So enter match promo code far, I own three of JLo's fragrances and ended up giving one away.I wear Still throughout the year, day or night.JLO Still Fragrances without Modified Item.
The heat brings it out more and transforms it into something that I personally do not like, much as others seem to love the scent.
I have learned to use the dab method with Still in my neck area and wrists, as it can be a little girl scout cookie rewards 2018 northern california strong.
They tried a tester that had been on the shelf for far too long, which meant that the fragrance was rancid.
I do not use Still during hot days unless I know I'll be indoors for the most part.I still got love for you.JLO Still Fragrances without Custom Bundle.NB: someone reviewed this fragrance and mentioned something worth noting.Please be sure to watch out for old testers.These notes remain prominent throughout- I can still smell them in the dry down which is not always the case with several other fragrances I own.I would never spray it directly on my skin during the summer, I only spray it lightly on my clothes.I think all the notes were blended well to produce something that is effortless and sophisticated- some of her other fragrances have a soapy quality to them, but this one seems a lot more refined.Related: jlo still perfume jlo still.4 jlo still set, include description, all Listings, not finding what you're looking for?With Blue Glow, it vanishes so fast that I can use it as a body mist as opposed to a perfume to be used on pulse points.