It definitely tasted healthier than Chinese take-out, and its probably cheaper and reasonably easy to prepare.
Two large bowls, served family style.
In all honesty, the unique homemade valentine gifts food didnt taste all that bad.
Chris has never had formal restaurant training, yet has successfully opened multiple restaurants throughout Boston.Of course, no comparion to my favorite dumpling places in triathlete sports coupon code the world or the US, but it was still enjoyable and definitely could compete with the best dumplings in Boston.It totally explains why the menu seemed so weird when we got.Would you like some shrimp chips?Little did we know what was actually going.Sweet Spicy Shrimp, szechuan Style Chicken.Thankfully, they gave us dessert afterwards.The views expressed in the posts are completely my own.Myers Chang is not serving frozen dinners on a regular basis.Combine the thoughtful gesture of sending a gift card, delivered by email or printed at home, with the suggested use of spending the gifted money.
The decor was definitely very inviting.
Chocolate and Cocoa Nib Terrine with Vietnamese Coffee Sauce Technical Difficulties And why did the kitchen have so much trouble?
Our main entrees were actually frozen dinners!
I personally loved the abundance of fresh vegetables in this spring roll, and I liked how the garlic chives gave the spring roll a unique flavor.
Even Bryan remarked, you couldnt tell that it was frozen.
On the other hand, the surrounding decor was trendy and modern, and the food selection was definitely creative and unique.Nice drink choices, great, hip vibe.Unfortunately for us, the experiment was fractured in many ways, starting from the kitchen technical difficulties to the fact that they gave away the surprise before we had a chance to really taste and evaluate the food objectively.I will mail a coupon to the first five commenters who express interest.The space was big, bright, with lots of light coming from the dragon-decorated windows.In fact, MyBlogSpark had to purchase a microwave for the event.And then things started to get weird.

We had been invited to a lovely dinner at Myers Chang hosted.
The Truth Revealed, and then just as we were about to take our first bite they sprung the surprise.