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This is a fantastic and modern product that will make life easier for your customers and boost your sales.
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PayPal makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the Digital Gifts and disclaims any warranty to the fullest extent available.Policy Updates, all PayPal users must read and agree to the agreements in the column titled Agreements for All Users.Earlier this year, PayPal Digital Gifts emerged as a reseller to gift cards on eBay and it has been nice to have another vendor gmat prep discount to purchase gift cards on eBay.PayPal is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from lost or stolen Digital Gifts or use without permission.We will make you love this new digital world.Buried in each listing, PayPal Digital Gifts actually has an unspecified velocity limit.I believe the max denomination transaction is 500.You call up PayPal and eBay and they point fingers at each other and nothing works.Velocity Limit #1, way back in March, I ordered a lot of Staples gift cards without a hitch.
No returns or refunds accepted.
For new gift card churners, PayPals deals will not help many due to the fact that many exchanges impose a fee for selling electronic gift cards.
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With the 150 allowance, I set up the cart for just 150 and it will allow me to check out: Here it is crossing 1000 total and I get that error message: Another screenshot that displays crossing the 1000 purchase limit: Now that you know.However, there is a way to still enjoy all of the cool benefits that gift cards have without all these drawbacks: let us introduce you to LocalSphere digital gift card solution.Screenshot Of 5 Separate Orders, velocity Limit #2.Contact us, and start experiencing the numerous benefits or digital gift cards!You may only send Digital Gifts using this Store to someone in the.S.Its really simple: you can purchase the gift card online, from your computer or your smartphone, wherever and whenever you want: with Digital Gift Cards, your business is opened 24/7!For All Users, for Merchants and Businesses, additional Information.The second velocity limit ties in with their terms.

If you see the blue Continue button, try playing around with your order total.
I purchased 5 discounted Staples gift cards for a total 850.