Lightweight, it is ideal for quick jobs or small jobs.
DO NOT BUY Roto Sweep!
Unlike other products of the kind, Roto Sweep has enough customer feedback.
It is not expensive when compared to the most of competing models on the market.Roto Sweep review, write/.It would be nice to have a look at some users' reviews left online.Hurricane Spin Broom Video Review, positive Points.Three brushes rotate full 360 degrees.Total Cost Breakdown, the cost of Hurricane Spin Broom.99 plus.99 shipping.Each piece of debris gets caught in the bristles which stand flush with the floor.These claims sound too good to be true; lets read Roto Sweep user reviews before buying.
Roto Sweep also asserts to have a unique Edge Cleaning Technology that cleans in and under baseboards and walls.
You can reach Roto Sweep customer support by calling at).
Most compliments concerned lightweight design, ease of use, effectiveness at gathering dirt and debris.There were some complaints related to the design of the product.Swivel Sweeper Max is a swivel head and spinning brush vacuum which alleviates the use of bigger, bulkier vacuum bags.Pulls More Debris, when automatically pulling the dirt and debris into the pan, it alleviates, theoretically, the constant issue of the single line of dust / dirt that is left behind after each sweep.One queen university belfast gift shop drawback of Roto Sweeper is that it cleans only hard floors.

It is recommended to vacuum soft surfaces regularly.
The company will also provide you with a bonus handheld sweeper for use on upholstery, carpets, tablecloths and more.
Rather than being sort of launched into the dustpan from a normal broom, these bristles maintain contact at a flatter angle so that anything which is swept is naturally moved into the pan gently.